Design Trends
Spring | Summer 2025

Accessories create value and desirability

Renewable Attraction

Towards new value! The 2025 summer season is all about is all about stability and continuity. With timeless design, desirability comes from moving surfaces.

Roughened materials and laser-decorated overlap with burnt effects and bright colors. Elaborately crafted accessories with classically oriented real horn buttons inspire to complete the outfits. Tumbled variations make the theme authentic.

Best Additionals:
Real Corozo / Real Horn / Colourful Details / Recycelt Materials

Future Swirl

It's all about defining looks. Contours and shapes combine with a natural coolness. We show colorful printed metal with high-gloss surfaces A clear break from perfection comes from hammered surfaces in the metal range.

Whether buckle, eyelet button or newly interpreted decorative trim. Visually perfectly polished. Versatile effects turn mother-of-pearl-like buttons into attractive fashion highlights.

Best Additionals:
Mother of Pearl / Hammered Metall / Print Details / Capricorno

Distorted World

Characterized by the dialogue between digital and analog worlds the real blurs with the virtual. Progress is revolutionized by new optics with distorted grains. The theme can be broken up with playful prints be broken up with playful prints. Speckled fasteners and clearly defined decorative letters tell a varied story. New connections are created through a combination of metal and silicone. Zipper hanger and press buttonare given a new look through technical refinement.

Best Additionals:
Nylon / Material Combination / Print Details / Structure Surface