Design Trends
Spring | Summer 2023

Dressing Up for the Future.

Hybrid Smartness

The creative combination of ever-changing work situations and everyday life is core theme of this trend. Tailoring remains highly relevant, but in more casual flowing shapes and cuts. Business looks are broken up by a combination of contrasting materials and proportions.

Responsible design for people and nature continues to gain importance.

Best Additionals:
Real Corozo / Real Horn / Pearlimitation / Snapbuttons / Clean Surfaces / Silver / Black / Shiny Finishes

Adventure Resort

Adventure Resort represents fashion that creatively deals with the themes of individuality and well-being. Soft colours and comfortable fits satisfy the longing for comfort at home as well as in nature.

In contrast, sporty outfits inspired by college sports attract attention with bright colours and vibrant statements.

Best Additionals:
Real Corozo / Wood / Recycled Materials / Burned Accents / Horn Imitation / Rubber Coating / Metallic Accessoiries

Functional Extravagance

This trend unites extravagant design with radical functionality.

Loud colours and contrasting elements are combined to create new, surprising outfits. Accessories such as buckles, labels and zipperpuller are shown in colourful and loud ways. Whatever is fun is allowed!

Best Additionals:
Silicone Labels / Colourful Details / Buckles / Nylon Accessoiries / Dull Silver / Cordstopper