Sustainability is not just a Passing Fancy

We can indeed do a lot to use natural resources more sensibly and to place more social responsibility on the manufacture of our products - by setting exemplary environmental and social standards in both our roles as employer and business partner in our own organisation and along the entire supply chain.

This is why we view our sustainability efforts – an outline of which is set out below - as an investment into the future rather than a mere duty imposed on us. For our environment, our partners and last but not least for ourselves.

Our Work has no Net Climate Impact

One of our major business objectives has long been achieved: The work we do is completely climate-neutral. Emissions that can’t be avoided short term, will be counterbalanced by funding certified carbon offset programmes.

At the same time, these projects will positively affect the development of the local population – similar to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UNO.

We take on Social Responsibility

Our cooperation with production facilities is not just aimed to achieve maximum efficiency, but also and particularly to make sure that social standards such as work hours, appropriate remuneration or occupational safety are adhered to.

Being a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) of the Amfori Association, we are committed to ensuring the standards set out in this Code of Conduct are followed.

We actively combat Littering of our Oceans

Plastic debris and discarded fishing nets have become a major problem in our oceans: Each year 12 million tons of plastic waste are washed into the sea. With our continued full support of the environmental organisation One Earth One Ocean (OEOO) we are striving to solve this problem with a lasting effect.

OEOO, which calls itself “Maritime Waste Collection“, runs vessels to collect plastic waste in coastal and estuary waters around the world.