The smart way of customer retention

They look like ordinary tags but they have indeed a lot more to offer: Our NFC* technology-based Smart Accessories® are able to communicate directly with your customer’s smartphone. Simply attach them to your merchandise!

Move your business to the next communication level in the fashion world. Fashion 4.0 so to speak. Your truly unique selling point!

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It’s your chance to gain a competitive edge with these cool smart accessory tags!

While your competitors are still fiddling with paper tags, you can outperform them by sharing comprehensive and interesting facts with your customers. A true benefit for your customer and an unheard-of opportunity for you to strengthen customer relationships.

See for yourself how extremely versatile our Smart Accessory Tags are (based on NFC technology).

*NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology.

Just put your smartphone next to the Smart Accessory Tag and you are all set to start sharing data.

Smart Accessories® can exclusively be obtained from Knopf Schäfer!

Be inspired by our Smart Accessories®!

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