Knopf-Schäfer is a (button) trendsetter. Buttons are accessories which add that special something to a garment – both as a functional or fancy item!

Running four collections per year

We currently present the spirit of fashion with two collections per year – each for women and men – at the MUNICH FABRIC START in Munich.

It is our ambition to offer our customers always the latest trends that are in line with market requirements and so our designers keep travelling to all fashion hotspots around the globe always on the lookout for new ideas. Furthermore, we also cooperate with international trend agencies.

In addition, our button production is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and new ideas are always welcome which brings us to our second key segment: technical innovations!

In cooperation with our customers we can create a variety of exclusive programmes as part of the corporate identity of the respective company or in response to the customers' individual needs.